10 Of India's Most Iconic Biscuits Ranked From Worst To Best

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Disclaimer: I have exquisite tastebuds and unparalleled experience in judging baked goods (my bank statement is proof) so if you don't like my rankings, that's on you.

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Okay, I am sorry if this offends anyone, but to each their own, amirite? 

Let's start with the most questionable of choices and then build our way up. Okay? Okay.

10. Milk Bikis aka "WHY?"

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Is that not the face of a demon? Milk Bikis are average-tasting at best but this awful, horrible face alone is responsible for them getting last place. I am terrified of them! Who thought they were suitable for kids?????

9. Marie Gold or M for Meh.

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Popular in India as Marie Gold, Marie biscuits are wheat biscuits that have actually been around since the 1800s. They taste like any other digestive biscuit so I don't necessarily enjoy them. They also stick to the roof of your mouth, which is NOT a great feeling. 😩

Growing up, my grandmother used to buy Marie Gold for her dogs so in my head they're branded as dog biscuits forever. 🐕

8. Nice Time, which is mostly nice.

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Nice Time is an old classic that truly elevates the flavour profile of a regular glucose biscuit with ✨coconut✨ 

They taste decent but I wouldn't go out of my way to seek them out. I always thought they were called "Nice" because they taste nice but no, they are actually named after the city of Nice in France! So they'd technically be pronounced "niece".

7. Krack Jack: Mid-tier

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It's fun, it's salty, it's a little sweet. It fills the HUGE gap for salty crackers in India and has continued to maintain its taste and quality for several years! I'd rather eat it with cheese or hummus than Chai though.

6. Monaco: Good-tier.

Shradha Mutha/Sam's Photo Works / Via Instagram: @sam.photo.works

You couldn't pay me enough to differentiate between Monaco and Krack Jack other than their shape. The only reason I'm ranking Monaco above Krack Jack is because they REALLY pushed the canapés agenda with cheese, ketchup, and veggie toppings and I was obsessed with them. 

A team of people from Monaco once came to my house and did a demonstration of different canapé recipes! My 10-year-old self was thrilled!

5. Little Hearts: Very good-tier.

Shradha Mutha/Sam's Photo Works / Via Instagram: @sam.photo.works

Little Hearts are in my top five for the nostalgia and romanticism alone. They look super cute, they're bite-sized, and they are just the right amount of sweet. They almost taste caramel-y when the sugar dissolves in your mouth!

4. Bourbon: Very very good-tier.

Shradha Mutha/Sam's Photo Works / Via Instagram: @sam.photo.works

Bourbon was the classic chocolate cream biscuit growing up and probably one of the oldest cream biscuits in the Indian market.  And they're definitively better than Oreos! 

They should venture into making these for adults with literal Bourbon in them, TBH. 

3. JimJam: Excellent-tier.

Shradha Mutha/Sam's Photo Works / Via Instagram: @sam.photo.works

JimJam can take all my money for creativity alone. As a kid, that little dollop of jam with sugar crystals was the peak of my aesthetic attraction. What's better than vanilla cream sandwiched between two delicious cookies and jam slapped on artfully for some extra oomph? ✨

2. Hide & Seek: YUM-tier.

Parle / Via amazon.in, Parle / Via amazon.in

I might be biased, but Hide & Seek is genuinely one of the best chocolate chip cookies. The biscuit to chocolate chip ratio is perfect, the sweetness is bang on and it's a great evening snack!

I grew up eating Hide & Seek and I can still devour a whole packet in one go. They've also ventured into other flavours and their Mocha cookies are incredible! The jury is still out on their cream biscuits though. 😗

1. Parle-G: God-tier!

Nasir Kachroo / NurPhoto / Getty Images

On principle alone, Parle-G is the best biscuit to have ever existed. Their branding has managed to achieve a kind of longevity that is almost unheard of. The taste has barely changed since inception and it continues to be a great, versatile glucose biscuit! 

Drink it with Chai, even better with water, you can eat it with Nutella, use it to make cake batter or a cheesecake base. Like...what can Parle-G not do??

How would you rank these biscuits? Are there any other iconic biscuits that we missed? Tell us in the comments below!


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