19 Times Restaurants Decided To Go Against The Rules Of The Universe With Their Bonkers Menu Items

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Only the devil would invent "Ramen in a watermelon."

1. This shoe salmon tartar.

2. This crime against humanity.

3. This sundae that makes me feel ill.

4. "Yes hi, I would like the wateramenlon, please."

5. This beer shrimp thing.

6. This chicken parmesan taco choice.

7. This inflatable boat drink for the group.

8. This restaurant that serves not only this...


11. This topping-less pizza, which is somehow an option.

12. Whatever food is on this women's menu vs. men's menu. Because that exists.

13. This cake-drink combo.

14. This tower of bad choices.

15. This "half a bottle of fries."

16. This genuinely disgusting concoction.

17. Whatever the hell this is.

18. This just-chicken-and-bread pizza.


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