24 Pictures That Show The Difference Between Food In Australia Vs. Food In Canada

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For starters, there's the whole chips vs. fries debate.

Hi! I'm Isha from BuzzFeed Australia — and this is my friend Isabella, who works in BuzzFeed Canada.


We've been chatting away about cultural differences between Australia and Canada — and the one topic that we really got stuck into was food.

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*Cue Isha asking Isabella if Canadians actually buy their milk in bags.*

With neither of us having visited each other's respective home countries, we decided to put our brains together and show the rest of the world what Australian and Canadian food looks like.

1. This is one of the most popular chocolate bars you'll find in Australia:

Flickr: Andy Melton / Via Flickr: trekkyandy, Flickr: Garrett Coakley / Via Flickr: garrettc

As the name suggests, Cherry Ripe consists of cherries and coconut covered with dark chocolate. It's as heavenly as it sounds — and I don't think there's anything else quite like it anywhere else in the world. Bonus fact: Cherry Ripe was first manufactured in 1924, making it one of Australia's oldest chocolate bars. Kinda warms my heart that Aussies still love it after all this time.

2. And this is the Canadian equivalent:

3. This is one of Australia's most iconic fried foods:

4. And if you're craving fried food in Canada, here's what you can expect to find:

6. And in Canada, we cover our fries (yes, FRIES), in a delicious concoction that makes poutine:

7. This is Australia's take on the classic pizza:

8. And this is "pizza", but done the Canadian way:

9. This is Australia's favourite comfort food:

Flickr: Patrick Quinn-Graham / Via Flickr: pftqg

As you may or may not have gathered, Australians love to put their own spin on other culture's cuisines. It's because Australia itself is really diverse and multicultural — we're often described as a ~melting pot~ of cultures. Now, this is a chicken parmigiana — I know, I know, it exists in other places around the world, but it's also a huge staple of Australian pub food. We call it parmi (or parmy, depending on which state you're from) and serve up breaded chicken breast with tomato sauce, melted cheese, chips and salad. You can even get versions with ham, bacon or pineapple added.

10. And if you want some TLC done the Canadian way, this is how you do it:

11. This is what Australians think of when you say pie:

Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed

There's nothing that screams Australian culture more than chowing down on a meat pie — especially if it's one you've purchased from the servo. Yes, they're simple, but there's just something about that flaky pastry and saucy filling that gets the job done. Most Aussies prefer tomato sauce on their pies, but I am a BBQ sauce fiend.

12. And here's what comes to mind in Canada:

13. This is peak Australian drunk food:

14. And here's what you would be eating after a night of drinking in Canada:

15. This is a beloved sweet treat in Australia:

16. And here's Canada's favourite sweet treat:

17. This is how Australians like to drink their coffee:

Flickr: Duncan C / Via Flickr: duncan

Australia is home to the best coffee in the world, so it makes sense that we're huge coffee snobs. We were lucky enough to have a huge influx of Italian and other European immigration that happened post-World War II, who brought along their love for the bean juice, as well as their know-how and espresso machines. Fast forward to the invention of the flat white in Australia, which is made with espresso and hot steamed milk, but doesn't have as much foam as a cappuccino. 

18. And here's how Canadians like to have their cup of bean juice:

19. This is a beverage you can only find in Australia:

Flickr: Like_the_grand_canyon / Via Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon

You know, I went my entire life believing that this drink was available everywhere — but no, it's Australian and the rest of ya'll are MISSING OUT. Like the name suggests, this drink is made up of lemonade, lime juice and Angostura bitters. It's non-alcoholic, but you can use it as a mixer (my go-to drink at the club is vodka lemon, lime and bitters!). Taste-wise? It's sweet, kinda tangy, but mostly just really refreshing. 

20. And here's one that is unique to Canada:

21. This is every Australian's go-to chip flavour:

22. And this what Canadians like to reach for when eating chips:

23. This is an iconic alcoholic drink in Australia:


Goon — aka boxed wine — is an Australian classic. It tastes like pure and utter shit (hence mixing it with OJ to mask the flavour notes of cheap wine), but it was budget-friendly — which is the only thing that matters when you're a teenager who has just turned 18 and can legally drink. 

24. And lastly, Canadians be sippin' on:

What are your thoughts on Australian and Canadian food?

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