40 Quotes From "The IT Crowd" That Are Brilliant Funny

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30. Moss: "Look, I know that normally this would be very funny, but he's been under there too long for a reasonable explanation! If that woman looks down, she's going to assume he's a desk-rabbit!" / Jen: "What's a desk-rabbit?" / Moss: "I just made that up! But that's probably what they're gonna start to call people like Roy. But Roy's not a desk-rabbit, he's my best friend, and unless you do something, it's just going to be you me, and Tim Burton over there!"

Moss pointing at Jen with Richmond standing in the background, staring at Moss, in "The IT Crowd"

Channel 4

In this episode, Roy gets trapped underneath a female co-worker's desk and Jen lets their goth officemate, Richmond, roam free. When Moss finds out everything, he hysterically sums up their predicament by coining the term desk rabbit and taking a clever jab at his ghoulish coworker.

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