People Are Pointing Out Things They Think Are Nasty That Everyone Else Seems To Be Cool With, And I Agree With A Few Of These Myself

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"You're marinating in other people's butt juice when you go in a hot tub."

But there were so many good ones posted in the comments that we had to share those, too! So, here are 15 more popular things that people find gross:

1. "So many women I know will buy something, rip the tag off, and wear it or put it in the drawer with their clean clothes. YUCK!"


"I absolutely cannot wear new clothes without washing them first. Just imagine how many people touched that shirt – from the factory where it was made, to the shipment workers packing boxes, to the retail workers who hang it up, to the god-knows-how-many other shoppers who’ve tried it on."


2. "ASMR that has whispering. A friend of mine sent me a vid, and I wanted to rip my ears off."


"I cannot stand the whispery, spitty, smacky mouth noises. They make me want to vomit. It's not relaxing at all."


3. "Seeing people’s cats on their countertops after they just walked in the litter box grosses me out."


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4. "There’s a lot of family porn. It’s so weird. What is wrong with y’all?"


"As someone who grew up with a stepmom and two stepbrothers, that is disgusting. I know you're not blood related, but they're literally part of your family, whether you like them or not. Never understood the fetishization of it all."


5. "Wearing shoes inside. I've had friends and family roll their eyes or whine when I ask them to take their shoes off. It takes me a long ass time to get this place clean, and your dirty ass shoes won't help. Take them off or leave."


6. "Serving birthday cake after someone blows out the candles, especially a toddler. Have you ever seen a small child try to blow? Spit everywhere."


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7. "Not closing the lid of the toilet when you flush. No one seems to know what a 'splash zone' is, or that every time you flush with the lid up, you are flinging poop and pee matter all over your bathroom."


8. "Beer pong! The ball goes on the table, in people's hands, on the FLOOR, and then in the beer you're gonna drink. Ew."


9. "I think it’s gross when people only wash their sheets once a month."


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10. "Buffets. Nothing good can come from a bunch of people trying to eat from the same place."


11. "Wearing jeans several times without washing them. I’m not sure why society decided jeans specifically are okay to reuse over and over, but that’s nasty. Especially if you’re going outside to work, sitting at a restaurant, etc."


12. "Letting dogs on your bed, especially after they walked their paws on the ground, pooped, peed, and everything in between. Gross!"


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13. "Movies and TV shows that show vomiting. It used to be implied, now it’s graphic."


14. "Putting shoes on your bed."


15. And finally, "Hot tubs. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria. I won’t go in one."


"You're marinating in other people's butt juice when you go in a hot tub."


What's something you find disgusting that everyone else seems to think is okay? Sound off in the comments below!

Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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