The Caraway Pan Set — AKA The Best Cookware Ever — Is On Sale Right Now

2 months ago 19

It passes the EGG TEST!!! 

I can't describe the science behind it, but it's not like any other nonstick pan I've cooked with before. Have you ever had food burn to a pan, get stuck, and found yourself ordering takeout because dinner is ruined? Not with these pans, my friends. Even when I've left food on too long (OK, and kinda ruined it), the burnt bits still slide off — no mess, no scrubbing. It's pure magic. 

As for the nontoxic part, according to their site, the pans' coating is made without "PFOA [industrial surfactant], PTFE (such as Teflon), other PFAs [toxic chemicals found in everyday products], lead, cadmium, or toxic metals." 

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