This Ooni Pizza Oven Is A Game-Changer For Gatherings — And It's On Sale For Black Friday

2 months ago 25

We purchased the Modular Table in Medium ($199), the12″ Perforated Pizza Peel ($59.99), the Pizza Turning Peel (currently sold out but usually $59.99), the Pizza Cutter Wheel ($19.99) and the Koda 12 Carry Cover ($39.99).

When we first got the Ooni, we only planned to purchase the table and cover for it. However, after using it for a bit, we quickly discovered that Ooni's tools were the ones we needed. Flipping the pizza around with a pair of tongs was practically impossible, every peel we tried was too big, and every pizza cutter didn't seem to cut properly. All of these problems were instantly solved when we started using the Ooni tools.

Aside from making our lives ~way~ easier, the tools are pre-made to be used specifically for the machine. They're the perfect size, easy to clean, and work incredibly well. We also love how the table has wheels (for easy transport) and attached hooks to hang the tools. Plus, if we ever were to bring the pizza oven somewhere (to a park, camping, etc.), the attached handles would make it simple to carry.

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